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What is Early Years?

Early Years is a course developed by professionals at IFFD (International Federation for Family Development, that uses the Harvard Case Study Method to explore matters involving the parenting of very young children.

It aims to provide practical assistance and empower parents with the confidence to fulfil their roles as first educators of their children.

The first three years of life are the “golden years of learning” and is a precious time to foster good habits in a child (developing good sleeping/eating habits and a sense of orderliness) and for parents to learn how to nurture the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of their children in this early stage of their lives. It is equally important to find ways to strengthen the bond between parents as they begin a new family (or add to their existing one!) in order to create a happy and nurturing family environment.

Topics include:

  • Character Building
  • Individualised Attention (Hereditary and Temperament)
  • Love and Discipline
  • Marriage Bond
  • Siblings
  • The Role of Play

The course dates page gives more details of upcoming courses.

Join us for a fantastic course and an opportunity to network with other parents!

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